Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vintage and White Floors

Back in the blogosphere and with a couple of inspiring interiors to get your springtime off to a jumpstart. I love searching for inspiration and am loving the vintage pieces here. The colonial windows are a great backdrop.

A had a chandelier a couple of years back... it was a chalk drawing I put onto a blackboard wall by my phone. Kasey's one has lovely ruffles. A couple of weeks ago I didn't really get ruffles, but now they've taken over my psyche.

Standard lamps are back, just found in 2nd hand shops and painted a chalky white, dress it up with a stylish retro fabric shade. Shall get my paint out next and try this at home.

Home pictures in large white mattes and chalky white frames set above one another are just fine here. You can get free software online to create vintage effects and run your images through their series of actions to achieve an aged and interesting style.

This trolley table reminds me of one my family had when I was little very vintage. My son's school is undergoing renovations and I saw a couple of school trolleys with the large wheels in a skip. They would look great in an industrial style interior. Schools across Australia are benefitting from government grants for renovations and it would appear they are throwing out alot of what would be considered junk. So with many of you liking the industrial style that is so inner city, just check out your suburban schools for special finds.

Cloches are so making a comeback, atop a cupboard, awaiting use. Try them with fairly lights inside. A flower sculpture or feathers. Vintage papers cut and displayed are fun too under a cloche.

My hatboxes are in the garage on a shelf, why does my stuff end up in the garage,its coming right back in and being displayed.

The risers on the staircase have been painted white. Must remember to put that on my to do list. My stairs are a bit worn and could do with smartening up.

Theres a very sweet white wooden shelf that looks well placed amongst all the assembled white frames with black and white pictures. For more info and photography techie advice visit she's apt at apertures and has a wonderful blog.

A novel use for a nursery seed box, planter box or... is it a green grocers fruit box.! is to set several vertically for a well placed shelf. I'm always dumping items on the steps as a reminder to take things up or down to their designated spots.

The assembled frames white or otherwise has such appeal.

Maybe considering doing something with your bathroom, it can cost a fortune. But just add a few items like replacement fawcets / taps and matching towel rail and glass shelf brackets and you have the fundamentals of a quick spruce up.

What caught my eye, was the bench used as a coffee table, I have one up in my dining area. It frequently gets placed in the lounge as a book table, has been used one side of the dining table as bench seating and now sits in the sun next to colonial windows with my black linen cushions on it. There's a use for that old school industrial trolley, painted and then sanded back to give it some character.

Am loving the french boudoir chair / dining chair, with it's closely set button upholstery. Am off to the garage where half my beautiful old furniture sits. There's an armoire being used as storage for life jackets and camping gear. It's coming straight back in to my dining area. I'll give it a primp (will have to clean it up) and bring it back to life for some household prettiness.

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