Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Brit Fix and the Royal Wedding

My Brit fix comes about through Royal visits and climactical influences. Prince William is in Australia's top end; Cairns and is visiting the recently devastated flood affected areas of Queensland.

Meanwhile in Sydney, yesterdays evening rain turned from a downpour to a deluge. Rain tanks are filled, swimming pools overflowing and dogs drenched, our dog loves it really. Royal Wedding fever is gearing up to the big event and has created another wave of Brit LUV.

For a long time I've enjoyed Ann Carringtons beautiful work. A vast number of mother of Pearl and abalone shells go to make these magnificent art collages. Commissioned for the Queen's 80th birthday the coronation crown is available as a limited edition print. Ann has undertaken many works using everyday items.    

I first saw her works via The Novogratz's: Courtney and Robert are design gurus extraordinaire, flipping houses in Downtown New York to uptown in the Hamptons. Their style grabs from industrial and retro eras. Ann's First Class stamp, featured over their vanity, has left an imprint on me forever.

A London vista wouldn't be complete without Tower Bridge, such a fab sight, depicted in many a movie. I've heard of people sleeping under bridges and now I think I might also like to. Available from blissliving they've got some sumptuous items.

Have you ever been caught in a shower at Big Ben? Shower curtain from Bed Bath and Beyond.

You see to a Brit, bathrooms and thrones go together. Just cannot get enough of the Union Jack chair a very nice addition to add colour.

This engraving by Gustave Dore has adorned my websites home page for the last 9 months, though I've recently taken it down, it's still one of my favourite depictions of London.

The Naked Decor British Invasion clock is from CSN stores.

My dog SB (Sapphire blue) just has to get one of these Union Jack Dog beds.

That's where the Brit fix closes today and heads back downunder with an Australian favourite phrase. True blue is for all Aussies, for boys, for men and wanna be's. This would be soo cute in a little boys room. To get your hands on my new print head over to my shop
I've also styled in the same font another very familiar word to Sydneysiders ... available in the US here and in Australia here Eternity...
Being a Sydneysider the sight of the word Eternity is commonplace. Originally chalked as street graffiti by Arthur Stace, a man born from the slums of Balmain in 1884.

He sought enlightenment later in life after a life of crime and sin, attending scripture and christian conversion, he wrote this wherever he went across Sydney from the 1930's onwards. 

Eternity is still scrawled across the streets of Sydney to this day by Sydneysiders and lives in our hearts. It also heralded a New Year emblazened across Sydney Harbour Bridge in fireworks one New Years Eve celebrations.

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