Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shipping Lines

I've just created something that's been in my head over the last two months. I wanted to experiment with technical drawings, not of the new ilk created on 3d rendering software in air conditioned offices in the city.

I was after an aged look incorporating blue prints of either buildings or their elevations, but wanted the lines to be curved not like a bezel curve but relevant to my style - started with the bus roll code flags. That black look, dark where white is reversed out of the obscurity.

I was out shopping for groceries and always try to instill a little excitement by visiting my local secondhand book store - its no Berkelow's warehouse, but I think it's better. No hiking into the Southern Highlands, no packed lunches and packed freeways to get there. It's just 5 minutes from me and always delivers gems.
I found just what I was looking for - jackpot - the motherlode - purchased and now worked on in my studio here's the result.

It's been influenced by several areas. It draws me into its depths and leaves me satisfied. I haven't yet framed the War Wasp, but I wanted to see it alongside wall art in situ.

Imagine it blown up and framed behind glass in a sitting room such as this one belonging to Nikki Tibbles, UK florist: whose shop Wild at Heart is in Notting Hill houses artworks in flora and foliage.

Black and white images set against a bleaches grey wall I think emanate style.

Nikki's combination of white frames right alongside black really works as the content art and photography unite the setting.

Black floors, white window frames, wicker, gold leaf and applique throw pillows are wild.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Queensland Floods

We have been watching the Queensland Floods on our televisions for the last week. Ipswich, Toowoomba, Grantham and the Lockyer Valley have all been hit in the week before now with devastation. Grantham and the Lockyer Valley was hit with an inland tsunami as it has been called. There was no idea the waters would hit so quickly and with catastrophic results. Other areas have been given a little time to prepare for the floods.

The waters have been making their way down towards Brisbane and have reached the catchment dam - built to prevent flood waters damaging our beautiful city of Brisbane after the floods of 1974. The city of Brisbane prepared for the worst two days ago as the dam was at capacity and waters have had to be let out. A torrid decision to have to make, letting water out - a life and death situation. The dam has to let out flood waters or it could go too.

Today at 4am Eastern Standard Time the Brisbane River peaked at 5.5 meters. That's to 2nd floor ceilings. So many people have been affected.

If you are able to give to our appeal at you will be helping.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A couple of months ago Oprah announced on one of her shows she was inviting her audience of 302 to take a trip Down Under to Australia. Last month her fans experience a dream come true. Spending a well earned rest on the Great Barrier Reef at an island resort after a 16 hour plus flight, she and her fans enjoyed some Aussie traditions of a beach barbacue at sunset. 

Sampling some excellent Aussie tucker prepared by our celebrity chef Curtis Stone.

The group got to divide and conquer our sunburned country by visiting separate states in smaller bands of adoring fans. None were disappointed.

After climbing the 'Coathanger' 

And enjoying a relaxing cruise aboard Russell Crowe's yacht Harbour tour.

Keeping the papparazzi happy and dodging a flotilla of photographers.

Partaking a chardonnay and canapes on the deck, Oprah got to know what us Sydney-siders really enjoy.

Sydney Harbour was the focal point of the show tapings, to be shown later this month. Four shows air in January for the 25th and final season of Oprah before her network goes live.

The show tapings took place over two days and featured an array of Australian talent. An audience of 12,000 took to the Opera House forecourt. They were the luck few out of a huge 350,000, who received their tickets by way of a ballot.

We gave her an Aussie welcome...

Bon Jovi was in town, so too U2.

One adoring fan holding up a placard "I want to meet Bon Jovi" .. got her wish granted.

Hugh Jackman knows how to make an entrance.. remember the Oscars...

After numerous practice runs on a flying fox suspended from one of the Opera House' sails and the stage, Hugh made his entrance.

A little too fast and with an abrupt stop..

Oprah checks his black eye, which was tended to by paramedics on standby.

Nic and Keith Urban, Olivia Newton-John, Russell and Hugh along with a choir sun to their audience.

It was a thrilling experience, one never to forget. Oprah you're welcome back anytime.