Sunday, June 16, 2013

A true blue print

Hi Everyone

Seeing as we're going into Winter here' it's about time a create some prints for my shop on etsy.

I've generated several blueprints of ships since they're so popular and finding these is all too hard, expensive and timecomsuming.

These are the results, available in my shop see side below.

The origination of blueprints happened in the 19th century by involving a contact print being processed onto a light sensitive sheet. This reproduced the original architectural drawing or engineering design exactly. This light sensitive process could not create shades of grey.

Blue prints and technical drawings adorn many a home and look stylish reflecting your interests in anything from house blueprints, airplane design to engineering draughts.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

A day in the life of a Parisienne

While its torrential rain outside here in Sydney, Im reflecting on warmer days spent in Paris. I remember that wonderful break we had in Europe and have selected some images, that I think reflect Paris so well.

Visiting galleries of note we came across this wonderful work by Raoul Dufy. So lucious in its roses pinks and puces.

I was taken aback by this petit group of enfants, all in their smocks, so well kempt and they reminded me of the school book tales of Madeleine. If the children are this smart imagine what they'll expect to wear as teenagers!

Aaah that irrascible french icon, as viewed from below a mountain of metal girders rising skyward.

Paris is always brimming with people c'est la vie.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Great Gatsby

For those of you who love the era of the 1920's you are all going to be riveted to the new movie by Australian Director, Baz Luhrmann. You'll know him from Strictly Ballroom, Romeo and Juliet, Moulin Rouge, Australia and now The Great Gatsby. In true Aussie style and totally patriotic he's filmed a great deal of the movie right here in Oz.

Shooting took place in the summer of November 2011 in our own little neck of the woods, Manly.
This Northern Beaches icon is visible from most cliffs along our stretch of coast and looks glorious lit up at night. Its the International College of Management and you can see why its a popular landmark as its frequently booked for huge events, weddings, remember Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's nuptuals?

In 1859 the Catholic Church was granted 60 acres of land on North Head Reserve to build a Catholic seminary and residence.  This land stood vacant for nearly 30 years until it caught the imagination of 
Archbishop Moran upon his arrival to Australia in 1884.

The film schedule ran right through January, February 2012 further up the coast in Queensland and also in Sydney's Centennial Park. Actors Leonardo de Caprio, Tobey McGuire, Joel Edgerton, Carrie Mulligan and Isla Fisher to take us back to the roaring 20's there's every likelihood I'll be seeing it this weekend and reliving my great infatuation of everything Art Nouveau and Art Deco. I've quite a collection acquired over the years, so its going to be interesting seeing Luhrmann's vision.

You see a lot of the scenes were filmed here 5km down the road in Manly at the very well known landmark. Its been depicted as Gatsby's Long Island residence and in these scenes he hosts a huge party.

Baz has included alot of colourful effects that make the movie shine and glimmer, he's a true artist at this and has embellished the filming with great post production panache. Can't wait to see it.

Go see it too for some classic literature brought to the silver screen.

Friday, May 17, 2013

View from above

In contrast to the post I made a couple of days ago of underwater from Vanuatu, take a look at this video which is taken as time lapse from the International Space Station. Truly spectacular particularly as we are really not so far away from each other at all on this little planet.

Really awesome visuals shot from space.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Vistas from Vanuatu

Hello World how are you all?

It's been a long time since my last post and worth the wait. I've been away, for this post it's short, though exciting. With such a love of water and looking at my photos I see that it features there in the foreground, background always somethere, this time we go under it.

Take a look and make the discovery - its surprising and beautiful. What do you see?

Monday, June 25, 2012

It's lovely to be treasured

Hi Everyone

I'll start off today's blog entry with a couple of curated lists, the first one has great significance with the "Road Trip" poster as our lad has today gone on a School Road Trip west to the Goldfields with the entire year 5. I'm sure they will all have the most awesome time with the crisp winter air, frosty mornings, scenic railway trips and gold panning to look forward to. It will be a really wonderful experience away from home with all his mates for a couple of days. Sure to return exhausted most likely on Wednesday night.

Take a look here at this Red Black and White treasury where my Road trip VW combo poster print is pictured.

Some like it Hot and Fresh is curated by SunSanJewelry on etsy.

Circles of Light is curated by Debbie of maplemist on etsy, where my iPhone cover in pink yellow green and orange with beetles is featured.

Have a great week ahead.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Michelle Hinckley of on TV

Inspirational interior design blogger Michelle Hinckley, who bought my Code Flags for her bathroom makeover a while back, has been featured again on TV. She's been on The Nate Berkus show, and recognized in numerous blogs including Apartment Therapy and Design Sponge.

With great courage and conviction using, amongst others, the wonderful decorating techniques of stencilling, painting and chalkboard writing she has single handedly created an incredibly chic home.

On the video she explains how to get the best results for painting stripes and achieving a standout feature wall with stencils, plus how to get that chalkboard looking sharp.

Take a look.