Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dana Tanamachi - Chalkboard artist extraordinaire

Dana Tanamachi is a chalkboard artist. Her works have been commissioned by the likes of West Elm, Ralph Lauren and Adidas. Take a look at her wonderful skill with chalk on a blackboard.
From the specials on the chalkboard at your local cafe to your more specialised delicatessen announcements, chalkboards and white chalk are becoming highly popular.

 Dana Tanamachi started out as a graphic designer graduating in 2007 with a BFA in communication design.
From the University of North Texas she moved to New York and undertook her first fulltime career position at an advertising agency which creates advertising campaigns for television, media, entertainment businesses plus theatre and Broadway.

Creating a profile and a buzz for the newest productions to hit broadway through to publishing and music companies has been the mainstay of her early career.

 So it comes as no surprise to see her work influenced by typography on a grand scale of the major theatrical billboard. Yet is is a juxtaposition since it is created with the modesty and humbleness of the lowly mineral - chalk - to create pieces of art that can last only as long as a whim.

Dana has taken the art of typography and handwritten script from the early 20th century and 1900's where font foundries and freehand appear to merge in her wonderful adaptations.

Picked up by big names who want to establish a cultural credence and lay down a history beyond their years with standout designs. Dana has laid out an identity that is a perfect compliment.

She is an absolute expert in pairing three dimensional letters with one dimensional decoration.

Giving vintage appeal to a highly regarded fashion designer brand with fabulous visual merchandising is an art work in itself. 

I adore her work and am delighted to write a post about such skill, but sad in a way that the art might not have longevity that is expected from putting media to media.

I hope to see more of her works springing up around New York. You can read all about Dana here.

You can see her in action with time-lapse motion capture here.

 She has been influenced by the great skills of old sign artists from a bygone era.

And breathes new life into a school classroom classic that has since been rendered obsolete and unwanted. Not so say we.!!

School blackboard's disappeared in the last 10 to 20 years, replaced with roller green vinyl wind up board still worked with chalk. 

In our era of plasma and led screens, where the lowly blackboard is upgraded to a smartboard, kids can now take new interest in what's happening at the front of class, as they stride to the front of class and touch the smart board, draw on it, get an immediate reward for their efforts in learning.

So the school classroom relic has found a new home, new audience and a new popularity.

Room to Breathe was an installation she did for Google in their newly renovated offices.

Enjoy your Holiday and Christmas break and make sure you visit her website to see the timelapse photography that is a must.


Monday, December 19, 2011

Bilgola Ocean Swim 1.5km

Sunday 11th December 2011 saw the Ocean Swim around a circuit off Bilgola Beach on Sydney Northern Beaches.

With a large swell and solid waves over 300 swimmers plunged into warmer waters than had been experienced at Bondi. You can just see the first distance bouy marker.

Team members of the group from left to right Steve Cole, Anthony Janjic, Phil Johnson, Scott Sparks and mate.

Before the first band of swimmers are released, the paddle boarders set out to their positions.

This event's sponsor was Blackmores who are Australia's largest supplier of health supplements.

Everyone was cheered back ashore and to the finish line. Young and older participate in these great australian beach events, I met one chap who commented that he'd been doing these events for the past 30 years. 

Phil makes 1.5km look easy as he approaches the finish line ahead of Mr E.

Mr E making his way out of the surf, apparently a few minutes after Phil.

During the course of the event the tide increased in size and the clouds rolled in.

Spotted a wonderful beach house with horizon edge pool.

Recycled reindeer are all the rage as table decorations. The kids love to make them.

You just can't stop the post swim hunger for sausage sandwishes otherwise known as "snag sangers".

 Have a great week ahead. Best wishes.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Home Etc.- Beautiful Things for your Home - Manly

Manly is a magnificent town across Sydney Harbour reached by road and water. It's full of wonderful workmen and fishermen's cottages. These days many of them have been either knocked down or renovated. The phrase 7 miles from Sydney - 1000 miles from care is so true.

Full of international visitors, restaurants, cafes and the best the beaches have to offer in shopping - I chanced across a new interiors shop on my Sunday stroll back from today's Ocean swim that Mr E took part in.

Unique sea creatures made by Seal Rock's artist Bronnie Bailey, depicting sea dragons, fish, sea horses and all from found flotsam and jetsam washed ashore.

Unusual canvasses adorn the walls, composites of leaf skeletons, urchins, driftwood and recycled materials merge together with a sandblasted focus that lends a peacefulness to the picture.

Black framed original artworks, glass jars full of shells, blackboards and off white crockery aplenty.

I have to invest in some vintage shelving and baskets and also replace my wheely suitcase with one of these vintage leather travellers.

Black and white are my faves.

Adorable vintage metal Christmas decorations shaped as hearts make a stark wall warm.

Fairies created again by artist Bronnie Bailey are very sweet highlights all created from recycled beach finds.

French provincial bed with muted linen headboard look serene, topped with blue and white floral European pillows.

Love the lillies in mercury glass vase, bentwood chair and isolated canvas of the boab tree.

Did you spot the recycled wooden reindeer on the shelf top here.

Pretty screen prints of papercuts in white set onto kraft paper look lovely for Christmas.

A stone workers terraced house in Manly, with typical frangipani tree outside in the yard.