My art prints started off with a collection of International Code Flag prints which I created in black and white, synonymous with bus blinds used in early 20th century transportation throughout the western world. Trams in San Francisco, New York, Melbourne and Amsterdam and buses throughout the world, particularly the London Transport double decker buses displayed their destinations this way right up until the late 1990's. 

Many a memory is recalled of getting on a bus showing HIGHBURY & ISLINGTON as its last stop, only to find out when checking with the bus driver, that the bus roll hadn't been wound back, so the bus would only be going as far as THE ANGEL, it wasn't that long ago, the walk wound its way past the most fabulous interior design, home, textile and gift shops on offer in N1.

Being a british expat and with a major stint traveling and working all over the globe, I was required to speak Spanish, Dutch, French, German to liaise with promoters, consulates, labour authorities and immigration departments.  The concept of travel and communication brings worlds together and me the idea for the universal communication... what better way to convey the letters of the alphabet, than the signal semaphore used by ships over the last couple of centuries.

In an age of smart phones, wireless broadband access and digital printing technology, communication devices such as morse code and signal pennants have long been forgotten. Any of the naughties (2000) generation may read about dot dash and sailing code flags in a boy bumper annual or encyclopaedia.

Those with nautical tendencies will be all too familiar with these signal flags. When I started decorating my home, I wanted to hang all the flags out, but later decided to have them form the foundation for a collection of print pieces that could be enjoyed by many.

So here in an animated clip, I've launched my ship, I mean clip, on Youtube so you can see all the meanings in print for yourselves. 

I hope they provide you with a laugh, and please share the fun around.  

This winter saw my first magazine coverage in Shop 4 Kids where my Vintage Alphabet in Circles poster was so thrillingly given a feature in full colour print. Yay, in the article entitled Just My Type my poster print is displayed with some fabulous fontography for your kids to ponder.

I was also delighted to see my personalised alphabet print which reads "Earl's Alphabet" [insert your cchild's name] and at the bottom it reads "Now I know my ABC next time won't you sing with me. It looks great and with such great company!

Now the picture below is not meant to make you think about keeping your body in trim, nor that we have such a warm climate that we are bikini clad, in fact right now it's thundering outside complete with lightening, hail and plenty of rain. So much so that the run off from the ridge across the road is a roaring torrent, but this edition of Men's Style Australia had an article about my code flags, they even got to show a Pirates Promise poster.

Had a lovely surprise the other day with this beaut' article in Mens Style Magazine Australia which included a column on my prints. So a big thanks to the team at Mens Style who made this possible.