Monday, March 21, 2011

All toothy grins and smiles

This post comes to you after a wondrous visit into town to Doug's up on Bourke. This place is an old warehouse full of industrial furniture hailing from cricket grounds to dining halls of schools. It contains a plethora of 1950's old public works equipment and desks right the way to the harbour docks. 

Doug's houses a huge emporium of eclectic goodies some small, some large and some ugly. Though the chap below, the old swine, is a prime example of loveable hunt trophies, falling into the latter category, hubby found this chap hugely funny as it reminded him of me! 

My boy Finley is continually being told to make sure he brushes well after meals, otherwise an hour in the dentist's chair could lead to an extraction. A small history lesson was carried out to show him how it used to be done!

Am so wanting to take this Eiffel Tower home and place it under the screen printed sign I made. Made of wire and crystals it stands over 6" tall. Not for sale, though it can be hired out.

In my long search for home lighting, we came across this original operating theatre light from the 60's.

Here I go again with the stencil infatuation - drawers and numbers. Love that steel architects drawer set too.

A wonderful example of early 1920's cash register, but...


Elks, reindeer, goats and wild boar all for hire - hope these leave you with a smile:)

What a load of old cobblers, as the cockneys would say! Shoe dyes a plenty old and original.

Signing off today with a lovely handpainted shop signage demonstrating a well top-heavy hand script.

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  1. Doug's is my fav 5th hand shop! Lots of items bring back so many memories. Items are displayed well and are accessible.