Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Empressionista's Etsy Roundup

How are you all on this bright, humid and sunny day in Sydney, after a wet and windy weekend and some internet breakdowns this morning I am back online. I wanted to showcase some wonderful work by fellow etsians and first up photographic work by ScarletBeautiful.

I found this cute sailing ship upon a rolling sea via Polli's blog. It's an automaton (mechanical toy wind up and it moves) all handmade of course, by cartoonmonster. This little guy fits in the palm of your hand. The model boat rolls upon the sea and can be seen in motion here. Cleverly handmade in Oregon using scrap materials.

There's nothing daintier than doilies - these have such appeal as you can hang them anywhere. They'd make an ideal accoutrement for a shelf. So if you'd like to find them, they're in store at MaisyandAlice

As you all know I have a keen interest in Code and was delighted to find this example of a Decoder - it's very steampunk which makes it all the more pretty. This device will code and decode any message you can create. Available from crankbunny.

In the fashion stakes it's always important to have the right gear - this street cred tunic is aarrsome! Found at Malam.

These pill boxes by specimenboxshop are wonderfully detailed featuring sea fans, molluscs and ferns which are always a fetching addition to your beach collection. Specimenbox also have a large array of specimen boxes containing everything from shells to beetles.

I just love this amusing improvisation of a cloche - so if you've got lanterns and they don't work or need converting to house a light you could always do away with the idea of a light altogether and create a cloche that's totally unique. House in it anything that takes your fancy - it's rustic, beachy, casual and eclectic. Love it - found if you forage at Jennasbeachretreat.

And so to point you in the right direction is this fine compass charm for your wrist of neckline by CSCharms. Head on over to etsy and take a look at the lovelies. 

Seafarers in the middle ages benefited from a ships compass, indicating all cardinal points and further divided in segments every 15 degrees showing  West North West etc. Printed atop a pillow from Royalkane this design as a nautical graphic for a bedroom looks great.


  1. Thanks so much for including my jacket in your selection!!

  2. Good morning from Florida! This was such a nice surprise to wake up to, and I must say I really love your blog... absolutely beautiful selections and your writing is divine! Thanks again for featuring my little beach shop on Etsy, you're welcome back any time!

    warmest wishes,

    ***Jenna @ Jenna's Beach Retreat

  3. I totally was not aware that you had a blog!!! Some cute finds...., some links don't work though..., I think the .com is missing in the address. The lamp cloche is soooo neat!

  4. Good morning from sunny England! What a nice surprise to find my garland here! Thanks so much, love all your finds.