Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shipping Lines

I've just created something that's been in my head over the last two months. I wanted to experiment with technical drawings, not of the new ilk created on 3d rendering software in air conditioned offices in the city.

I was after an aged look incorporating blue prints of either buildings or their elevations, but wanted the lines to be curved not like a bezel curve but relevant to my style - started with the bus roll code flags. That black look, dark where white is reversed out of the obscurity.

I was out shopping for groceries and always try to instill a little excitement by visiting my local secondhand book store - its no Berkelow's warehouse, but I think it's better. No hiking into the Southern Highlands, no packed lunches and packed freeways to get there. It's just 5 minutes from me and always delivers gems.
I found just what I was looking for - jackpot - the motherlode - purchased and now worked on in my studio here's the result.

It's been influenced by several areas. It draws me into its depths and leaves me satisfied. I haven't yet framed the War Wasp, but I wanted to see it alongside wall art in situ.

Imagine it blown up and framed behind glass in a sitting room such as this one belonging to Nikki Tibbles, UK florist: whose shop Wild at Heart is in Notting Hill houses artworks in flora and foliage.

Black and white images set against a bleaches grey wall I think emanate style.

Nikki's combination of white frames right alongside black really works as the content art and photography unite the setting.

Black floors, white window frames, wicker, gold leaf and applique throw pillows are wild.

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  1. Love...Love...Love it!!!!!
    Your work is amazing too:)