Friday, March 25, 2011

Just poolin' around

Today's little incursion into cyberspace includes a collection awash with aqua, azure and a large amount of H2O. You've guessed it, what could be nicer on a 27 degree day that a dip into some crystal clear water for a refreshing swim.

It's always wonderful to hear a fountain or a stream. There's still water running off the rocks from the recent rainfall here, it makes it's way over the sandstone down the ridge into the brooke nearby keeping the wildlife quenched during the hot days.


A plunge pool incorporating overhead font with seating for relaxing doubles up as an outdoor spa, this is reminiscent of a mediterranean resort.

Fountains inpart an air of tranquility and serenity. Jets creating arcs of water are always an attraction is public spaces, but to have this feature in your garden is a premium.

Love the lap pool featured here set against the terraced garden.

Whether it be a pool for swimming laps with an ocean view beyond or just an urban oasis, the water looks very inviting.

Obviously not an Australian pool, we are governed by laws which oblige us to fence the surround for safety's sake.

Dreamy gardens and pools for a fun splash to get you all in a Spring mood.

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