Thursday, March 31, 2011

Paris Toujours Paris and Pay it Forward

Bonjour mes amies, hello my friends. I am today treading the pavements in Paris on this beautiful spring morning. Where the sun is shining and the clouds have parted to reveal blue skies. Well, that's as would be for a rainy day in Sydney, preceded by a very stormy afternoon evening last night. Hence my reluctance to think grey skies for too long and reminiss on Paris.

For this post I am introducing my Pay it Forward. All you have to do is follow this blog and be 1 of the first 5 to post a comment below. Tell me why which Bus Roll Code Flag you'd present for April Fools Day and why. For this I'm giving away a Bus Roll Code Flag print of your choice delivered to your door.

As you can imagine the views from up there are astounding.

There are a great number of ways to get around Paris, cycling was one, but Sinclairs was another.

La musée D'Orsay on the banks of La Seine is filled with art, one of my passions. I could have spent days in there.

All that walking around demands sustenance and what better place for a cafe creme than in Cafe Hautier on the 5th floor. The views from here are outstanding. You can see Sacre Coeur, Louvre and L'Opera. The clock face is one great inspiration that is currently being mimicked all over the world in the form of giant clock fronts featuring roman numerals. The museum was once a station hence this incredible clock window.


The street architecture is wondrous - check out the street lamps.

And those gilded gates. Don't you just love them.

We chose to stay in a boutique hotel down the small streets near Banque (French Federal Reserve Bank) close to L'Opera where there are quite a few Couture Houses - this one On Aura Tout Vu has a unique window that took my eye. Their couture is to die for.  

Aaah the French flag: liberty equality and fraternity, but here's a bit of back history:

The tricolor was adopted by the French Revolution in 1794. Lafayette, commander of the National Guard, suggested the white be added between blue and red. The Bourbon Monarchy was restored in 1815 after the fall of Napoleon. At this time, the tricolor was replaced by a simple white flag again. The tricolor was adopted after the July Revolution of 1830. Despite attempts to re-establish the royal Bourbon flag of white, the tricolor remained the official flag of France.

The three colors of the French flag represent the three levels of class that existed within the country in the past.

Blue represents the bourgeoisie or middle class, white represents the clergy and the Church, and red represents the nobility. The white separates the two other classes in reference to a higher authority.

So famous it needs no introduction..

Reflects my sentiments entirely...

Signing off the the evening, have a great day and get involved with my pay it forward event.

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