Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Lazy Susan Kinda Day

Good evening you 'all. What a day... the kinda day I call a Lazy Susan Day, do you know the kind? 

They're probably what you do every day.. you know, when you pick up from where you left off - only to be able to do just a little, nowhere near the amount you'd set yourself. 

You reach a dead end with one task, so roll that lazy susan around and pick up on the next task, do a little of that till you reach a full stop. Drop that one and pull off another task - push that a bit further than expected and hey.On and on the Lazy Susan rolls round offloading a job and progressing it a little. Round it goes til .. it's the end of the day.

So I was looking for tealights today, and hopped on over to - searched for the lights and bumped into this fabulous statement piece by fromagelarue

Custom made for you, these Vegas lights feature plywood and oven lights assembled into these showgirl statuesque one offs. Built in a Byron Bay these are beginning to make debuts at barmitzvas, weddings, shop window displays and home if you'd like. Yes - I like.

Lights like these ones or one featured here, first came to my attention at Liberty's in London last year. An amassed collection of bulbs really have an attention grabbing allure.

I'm one of these people that am very particular about my lighting. I abhor neons and will put them out of their misery immediately. I prefer enviro friendly lights - no overheads, just side lamps.

Fairy lights like the song "all of the lights" I've been known to display overhead on a suspended branch over the dining table. It looked great.

Letters in gold leaf and puce are hot. Images courtesy of New York Times.

This graphic designer has adorned their walls with an accumulation of prints. I love the red prints that jump of the dark walls.

Easy on the eye, casual and creating an eclectic atmosphere: mixing pieces in white is so serene. These images are from Sweet As A Candy blogspot a beautiful mix of everything for the special day from Frederica in Italy.

I keep seeing these lights over the counter I shall ponder them until I decide which ones to add above my kitchen counter. They're all contenders.

Isn't this a fab creation from the fun lane. I've been loving' menu letters that you see in showcases outside schools etc for sometime now and the combo of white ornate frame black interior and 3d letters works wonderfully together. Tres Chic!

Love old plan cabinets so useful with hundreds of prints lying around.

A mirror leaning against a wall is very alluring. I first came across this idea at 17 visiting a friend in digs in Leamington Spa whilst she was at university my mate Philippa's bedroom in a huge Leamington terrace consisted of a large space, high ceilings, wide oak floors and an original Queen Ann 8foot tall 4 foot wide gilt framed mirror. Awesome.

I love the art direction in these photos, they capture a look that is so now.. I remember being told by a "craft consultant" that some photos I put forward just wouldn't do as they were blown out. Oh how wrong those people are.. As its just so right.

Benches, branches pillows and lanterns, all the ingredients for an outdoor setting.

Hoping you have a bright and sunshiny day:)

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