Friday, November 26, 2010

Cheers to Chairs on the Peninsula

Take a look at this great giveaway from abeachcottage

Paris holds beautiful memories of our fabulous winter holiday to the Northern hemisphere for a summer break with family and the opportunity to catch up with lots of little new family members, particularly my adorable nephews and niece.

It gave me the opportunity to share some treasured times with my relatives in the UK, France and Belgium, that's when we weren't against the clock and deadlines to catch trains, return hire cars and board ferries.

Returning to the Southern hemisphere we were met with winter cold which has now been replaced with 31 degree sunny days and the promise of enjoying the outdoors. I'm standing on the roof terrace of my Northern Beaches home pondering the ravages that have been endured by the climate over the last few months.

Its looking weather beaten, the outdoor plants took a battering recently from the heavy rains and winds we endured and dropped all their leaves, which have been swirling around on the terracotta for a week. Its time to give this outdoor space a makeover. There's a pot of Porters limewash in Atlantic I bought six months ago waiting to be applied to our dated limewash walls.

Paris gave me a great insight into vertical gardens, particularly the musee du quai Branley on the banks of the Seine, with its soft and lush mosses and grasses sprouting from the front facade I was truly inspired to incorporate this idea into our walled roof terrace.

Designed by vertical garden innovator Patrick Blanc, the façade of this lovely Parisian museum features Japanese plants and irises, Helxine (a moss-like creeper with delicate foliage), and a host of other lush greenery. Metal constructs prevent it from reaching the windows, creating a wild—yet clean—effect for passersby, who often stop to touch the plants at the ground level.

So I decided after years of removing this beautiful non invasive ivy, just to let it grow. Its been a blessing in disguise since it absorbs moisture transferred through the wall from the South (those of you in the Northern hemisphere - read North).

I'm keen to get my outdoor space ready as we use it heaps in summer with bbqs, parties, and even have a small fire in a webber going during the cooler months - complete with toasted marshmallows.

You can see progress over the next few days as the reveal takes shape.

Thanks for visiting.

Yesterday I woke up to a wondrous etsy email which shows us the countdown to Black Friday as it's known. That's the day before Thanksgiving when retailers are hammered for those last minute gifts given at this special family weekend.

I'm amazed - my International Code Flag print is there in the front row third from the left. It's the bus roll print everyone's seeing now on my bexpert facebook. The sale is on over the Thanksgiving weekend so Friday 26th November through until Monday 29th November.

It may be a distance from the Northern Beaches of Sydney to be mailing prints to the United States and Canada, but buying your prints is still going to be possible. I'm making an exception and will download my prints to buyers so that they can print them up and frame them in time for Christmas. Its my way of cutting the costs of postage, packaging, recycling and airmiles.

You can convo me for details.

Enjoy your thanksgiving and see you soon.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Signal Code Flags

Letter X - Stop carrying out your intentions and watch for my signals.

Letter Y - Coastal Flag - I am dragging my anchor.

The Letter Z - Nautical Code Flag