Sunday, April 3, 2011

Good evening to you all on line today. Wow it's been a great April Fools day in Sydney - jokes from morning till night. 

My son got into the swing of things early by spooking me first up this morning, jumping out of his cupboard. Then the evening was taken up by the two of us spooking the neighbours with a mini remote UFO complete with rotating lights - in the darkness of the night sky, this little spooky whizzing flying object looked awesome.

I wanted to add some more reverie from my previous trip to Doug's up on Bourke street. They are great to let you take a bundle of photos. The following are the so far unreleased images of that wondrous expedition.

Most people know that my International Code Flags have been created out of Sydney Harbour's inspiration - this map is of circular key, where all the ferries arrive laden full of passengers from all city suburbs including Manly to Parramatta.

This is such a darling spindly old bicycle which looks more like a pennyfarthing than anything else.

The Victorians loved their birds, this is an aviary for finches complete with entrance and exit.

And apparently pigs can fly too.

Oldwares corner where you can find milling devices and butter churns.

Time for a cuppa rosy (tea) and maybe a biscuit or two.

I wanted to take these fine vintage code flags home with me but they are for hire only.

I really am into ships just like the ketch pictured here. 

And on a final note, a ship of the desert (camel) they roam wild in our outback and are still widely used in the top end, mainly for tourism.

Did you have a great time playing practical jokes this April Fools?

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