Friday, September 2, 2011

Stamping your impression at home

Hi my lovelies

I've been busy lately with new items in the works, inspired by rare finds so hard to uncover in the land downunder where every likely discovery has already been unearthed. 

Sometimes you go on a hunch thinking you will find something that really inspires you, so just keep on looking, as your journey to your treasure is measured in the steps you take now. These bijoux will air in the coming days.

In the meantime if you're in the Southern hemisphere you will be getting ready for Father's Day. Here's a couple of ideas for a Fathers day print and card to give dad this Sunday. Inspired by stamps, their perforated edges and designs reversed out of one single colour...

You can try fooling around with the good old fashioned stamp.. You know, the ones that we used to put on letters, that we used to send through the mail. 

The styles of some of the earlier 20th century stamps from the 40's, 50's 60's contain wonderful detailed engravings that you can use right now.

Found here

You'll need:
Picture Frame

If you've a collection of stamps all boxed up, get them sorted out into colours to create a Letter art work for Father's day perhaps. The important thing is go keep to the one colour for impact. 

Draw the letter you want to create on a piece of card. Cut out the letter you've drawn.

Assemble all the stamps very closely together and stick them onto card. It doesn't matter if the stamps overlap the edges of your pencil outline. It will add to the overall look.

Childrens mini stickers could be used as a great alternative.

Ann Carrington's art always strikes me as a great inspiration.

A card for Dad can be made easily.

Get some A5 card and using a hole punch, punch holes around all the sides. Make sure you feed the card in as far as it will go, so your holes are all in a straight line.

Then with a ruler and pencil draw straight lines to dissect all the punched holes at their diameter to create this stencil.

You can use this as a template for your little ones to draw a card and add their words.

Have a great day.

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