Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our little hero is turning 10 tomorrow

Ten years ago tomorrow, I became a mum to a wonderful bundle of joy, a little boy who we named Finley. Irish (gaelic) for our fair hero, we saw him for the first time and yes he was fair of skin and he is our hero.

Recently in our fight as Cromer Action Group, we fought Telstra (phone corporation) against the erection of a 17.7 metre mobile phone tower 80 metres from our very home. Finley wrote a letter to the CEO of Telstra, registered the letter and off it went, in his own words he explained why he personally didn't want a tower right near our house, for the safety of his friends, his family and the endangered bush fauna.

The action group gained momentum and took our multiple submissions to the local Council, local councillors and even the mayor agreed with our cause, kicking out of the application Telstra had made for the placement of this hideous monstrosity. It was so important for Finley to learn that together our actions can change corporations, I'm so proud of him for his letter writing.

His school turned 50 this last month and he put together a video clip, wrote the script and with his class colleagues dedicated its theme to the teacher who'd been taught at the same school he now teaches in. His grandfather saw the clip the other night and as grandpa himself was a cinematographer, he was quite touched to see that Finley shows some talent for film direction!

Finley plays baritone in the school intermediate band, an instrument that's almost bigger than he is, the he loves blasting out hits and with the band has won Gold and Bronze awards in the Northern Beaches Eisteddfod plus a Silver at the Yamaha Festival.

Tomorrow his birthday brings him into double digits, a huge milestone for us and him. A decade ago there was no facebook, blogging, iphones, ipods, ipads, twitter or youtube, all of which is so fascinating to him and his piers. I wonder what the next 10 years technology will bring. So Finley as you are now in double digits, I am dedicating this post to you , we love you always our fair hero, Finley Happy 10th Birthday, and may all your dreams in life come true.

Love Mum

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