Monday, September 5, 2011

Shelf Life

Hi there

After a thoroughly enjoyable weekend spent outdoors benefitting from 25 degree sunny days, long walks across Garigal National Park and meeting up for lunch with friends over a few drinks, it's time to take a look indoors and tidy the bookshelves. 

Time to get the lounge in order, particularly the way the shelving is looking.. it seems to be taking on a personality of its own.

These are exhibition pieces by James Hopkins, a london based artist who's fun tactic is to create artworks from everyday objects, cut up and assembled into extra large skulls.

Shelf Life is a set of bog standard pine bookshelves housing an assortment of the usual: LPs, a clock, a guitar, a globe, boxes. But Hopkins has cut them and put them together in the form of a skull, reminding us that these consumer goods, our material possessions, will some day lose all importance.

He carefully constructs installations with mundane everyday objects into artwork with hidden messages. Do you see the hidden image first or the plain old collection of objects? 
It's all an optical illusion.

And after all that cleaning I fancy taking a seat...

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