Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Red Letter Day - its a sign of the times

Hi to all you today on this first Tuesday in April. 

I'm calling today a Red Letter Day in honour of the following photographs. 

The first one's courtesy of Cape Race Cultural Adventures with their kindly advice to tread carefully. It's been on my doing list, but the one where I have just not yet got round to doing.. that is paint the risers on the staircase and stencil them.

Next up is an interior by Rachel Reider Interiors. The salvage yards would be a good place to start if you want to find store, train, restaurant architectural features.

Decor Modern have incorporated an "F" from TGIFridays and housed in a lounge where large doesn't look out of place.

Retro chairs, mannequin and custom made bookshelves set this scene where French grocery store signage takes our eye to ceiling level. Nice.

I admire an aesthetic where a cot and nursery don't send parents into a tiz of pink and blue. This antique signage says St. Honore after the saint Honorius of Amiens. It's the part of Paris that houses the Louvre and Rue Fauberg, an exceptionally fashionable part of Paris too. Lucky baby. Image from SB Architects.

The Lettered Cottage asks whether this lovely wooden handpainted sign belonged to an Inn up a mountain or a Pub (Saloon Bar) on the edge of town..

Old world charm comes alive here from Jonathan Adler who did the designing of the lobby at the Parker Palm Springs adding quirky charm with this old drugstore hanging sign. 

I've featured pictures in my blog before from Life in the Fun Lane and below show a storage trunk stencilled romantically with "Supplies".  

Most brits know this is so true, the loos in France are pretty dodgy at the best of times. It is lovely that they are now warning us. Picture from Lucid Interior Designs.

Guest in this household are well advised with this lovely touch reminiscent of the 1930's where all offices in corporate buildings had signage written on glass whether clear or frosted.

Australians real love this word, I've seen it a lot in peoples houses - we're such a hedonistic race! Credit to Sweet As A Candy

Designers Bosworth Hoedemaker present a therapeutic answer to their design dilemma.

Buckets of Burlap in a cosy country kitchen where recycled coffee bags make an amusing cafe curtain.

I think this design art is from Sugarboo. I love the way the stencils are worked right up against the left handside of the plaques.

Michele Hinckley's bathroom renovation is part of a larger diy project the entire tract home that she's turned extra trendy. She featured my bus roll prints with her children's initials above the loo. This little reminder framed in yellow is super.

So next time you're lucky enough to walk a highstreet that's filled with independent retailers that aren't part of a chain, spare a thought for the signmaker whose work stands the test of time and may one day end up in your home.

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  1. What a great collection. Now I want to go lettering on all my walls.