Sunday, April 3, 2011

Silhouette of a man - scaramouche

Good day to you all on this special day, where we in Australia get gifted an extra hour for us to sleep in this morning as our clocks have gone back. So what did you do with your extra hour?

As we in the Southern hemisphere go back an hour to reflect Eastern time you in the Northern hemisphere have already gone forward. 

Enough of the time warp stuff, speaking of which Finley our son came up with a fab book the other day on Time travel. Inside the thick front cover is a beautiful steampunk pocket watch.

To our amazement the clock hands rotate anti-clockwise giving the appearance of going back in time.  Of course, my little wise cracker kept repeating everything he was doing as an additional quip at going back in time and experiencing deja vu's. Very funny.

Today's images come to you courtesy of Jamie of TwoArtDirectors these are pictures of her and her husband's home. I love the quirky mix of mock hunting trophies, industrial letters, vintage targets and black and white photography cos you know black and white is my thing. These interiors hold special interest for me as they include the polished and the well worn.

Loving the stark contrasts and that cute little dachshund across two pillows. I'm on the verge now of repainting a whole host of worn, off-white furniture black, as I too have many white walls in my establishment and am very drawn to the impressive effect that can be achieved.

The sepia photographs and gilt frames work so well with the black night stands and grey panel headboard. Just adore the whole look.

I'm keen to say a big thank you to Sarah at Fluid Magazine Brisbane for featuring my number pennant in her online zine. This is a great source of fashion and design in Australia and Sarah has been giving a lot of support to  The Wesley Hospital Think Pink Kim Walters Choices Program along with members in the community.

Brooke over at 20somethingdesign featured my technical yacht print too, so a huge thank you also. Brooke's quite a whizz at makeovers on a weekend, so have a look at her diy wizardry as she keeps a log of her before and afters.

And so to end tonights blog I'd like to say a huge thank you to all the mums out there, specially mums in the UK "Happy Mothers Day" - I hope you all get treated to some love and affection on this special Mothering Sunday, because we know you all deserve it. Love you Mum, you're the best:)

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