Saturday, December 10, 2011

Natural Curiosities from Under The Sea

Following my passion for antiquities and old illustrations I have combined the two and created a range of prints. I managed to source a wonderful tattered old encyclopedia from 1877. The leather covers are long gone though the pages are perfect, still edged in gilt and full of the patina that marks their longevity, I came up with these.

From the Arctic region and quite a rare creature is the Narwhal, characterised by its one long spindle tusk. 

The detail shown in the red coral illustration is wonderfully contrasted with the fine letterset of the  antique encyclopedia page. 

An unusual jelly fish magestically displayed. These under sea curiosities are a fascination of mine. Their delicate form and appearance have great appeal to me.

King of the deep sea fish kingdom is the Blue Marlin. And of course, many a cigar shell gets washed up on the sea shore, here's the family portrait!

Enjoy your Friday.

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