Monday, December 5, 2011

Finders Keepers Market continued

I was going to put some images up of the Bondi to Bronte Ocean Swim Mr Empressionista took part in this Sunday, which was over a distance of 2km from our most famous city beach to Bronte two cliffs and beaches south of Bondi.

The event received 2000 participants of different ages from 15 upwards, the ceiling being 60. As the race started so did the wind, a Southerly, known for bring down the temperature on a hot summer's day by 10 degrees.

Who knew it would bring down the sea temperature too. Churning up 2 metre waves into the paths of the swimmers, they made gallant progress past all the bouys toward their final bouy 50 metres off the beach at Bronte. 

Flanked by surf life saving paddle boarders and wrc's who keep an eye on the progress of the swimmers, the world famous life savers from Bondi Rescue, seen on channel 10, were actively on duty. 

Sun turned to cloud, and in turn to grey storm clouds and thunder, the wind howled causing a brisk clifftop walk to turn into an obstacle course with flying debris and sand blasting into your eyes.  

Perish the thought of being in the water. Apparently, when it's a paddle board race from A to B if the wind is in the face of the competitors, they turn the course direction around. Not in this case. All swimmers faced raging wind and swell coming straight at them.

Mr Empressionista, bless his cotton budgie smugglers, did what nearly every other gent did, and that was plough on through rough waters, til the sand shores of Bronte were visible through his Zoggs.

Told by a surf lifesaver paddle boarder to rest a while by holding the side of the surf craft, Mr Empressionista decided to continue on, so close to shore. Fighting leg cramp and functionless arms, his arm went up and before he knew it, he was hauled into a boat and delivered to the surf club, wrapped in a thermal blanket, prostate upon a stretcher.

Having experienced the above, of his own volition, he now had to be treated for hypothermia. It took an hour or more to raise his body temperature from 32 degrees (89.6 Fahrenheit) back to 37.5 degrees celsius (98.6 fahrenheit). So there are no photos of this event. 

Enjoy the Finders Keepers market.

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