Sunday, November 6, 2011

The works of Florence Broadhurst brought to life

I've just had the most wonderful Sunday firstly spent on the waterways of Sydney up by Palm Beach, the Hawkesbury and some lovely little beaches isolated from the world and only accessible by boat. A lovely day was had in the sunshine topped off with visit to our son's favourite spot where he can catch up with other kids on the more populated beaches and the parents enjoy boat hopping parties on a Late Sunday Afternoon.

Once home and putting my feet up before the week's busy schedule, I came across an artist by the name of Emma Hack, who's interest in body art has taken her on exhibition all over the world. With a deft hand and accurate flicks of sable, her brushstrokes conjure up representations of Australia's most reknowned wallpaper designer of the 60's and 70's, Florence Broadhurst.

Florence Broadhurst lead a flamboyant lifestyle and travelled widely, at the age of 60 after returning to Sydney from London, where she had a fashion boutique in Bond Street, she burst onto the scene with over 500 incredibly bold and vibrant wallpaper designs that are, to this day, current and cutting edge.

Here are images, courtesy of Frances Keevil Gallery, of Emma Hack's interpretations of Florence Broadhurst wallpaper designs. Emma paints, photographs and exhibits the photographic pieces throughout Australian and internationally.
If you'd like to see her work, you can find her currently exhibiting New works at AP BOND, Magill, SA between 11th and 29th November 2011. 

See her at work at

More can be seen of her processes on Youtube, just look for Emma Hack. I am now on the prowl for Florence Broadhurst influenced pieces to add to my collection.

Happy weekend:) 

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