Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ocean Swim - Collaroy Beach 1.5km

As mentioned a few days ago, here are the images of mates who swam in the Collaroy Ocean Swim over a circuit of 1.5km. It was a sunny warm Sunday morning, the waters at Collaroy Beach were  calm, ideal for a short distance swim between bouys and dolphins.

At the shoreline waiting for the starters call.

Yes our beaches have shark nets and surf patrols, but the odd pod of dolphins make their way through to investigate what all the commotion is about.

 Thirty six minutes later hubby appears from the surf, refreshed and surprised by his time.

 It's one last energy burst, to run up the beach to the finish line and register his time. Well done Mr J in your budgie smugglers.

The event was organised by IGA Collaroy and Collaroy Surf Club

Enjoy your Tuesday.

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