Thursday, January 13, 2011

Queensland Floods

We have been watching the Queensland Floods on our televisions for the last week. Ipswich, Toowoomba, Grantham and the Lockyer Valley have all been hit in the week before now with devastation. Grantham and the Lockyer Valley was hit with an inland tsunami as it has been called. There was no idea the waters would hit so quickly and with catastrophic results. Other areas have been given a little time to prepare for the floods.

The waters have been making their way down towards Brisbane and have reached the catchment dam - built to prevent flood waters damaging our beautiful city of Brisbane after the floods of 1974. The city of Brisbane prepared for the worst two days ago as the dam was at capacity and waters have had to be let out. A torrid decision to have to make, letting water out - a life and death situation. The dam has to let out flood waters or it could go too.

Today at 4am Eastern Standard Time the Brisbane River peaked at 5.5 meters. That's to 2nd floor ceilings. So many people have been affected.

If you are able to give to our appeal at you will be helping.

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