Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ringo Starr's Superyacht

I had no idea that former Beatle Ringo Starr had a yacht, then again why wouldn't he. If you've got the interest in boats then go the whole hog. As a former EMI Records employee many years ago I had the odd surprise encounter in the foyer of EMI. You never knew who would be there on any day of the week and seeing Ringo and Barbara Bach was legendary.

Ringo absolutely knows style. He has the most beautiful superyacht, the Lady M at 164ft she's definitely super. Spotted near Astoria, anchored near the mouth of the Columbia River in Oregon, Ringo was expected to fly into town and board for a couple of weeks cruise. Astoria is a picturesque town founded by John Jacob Astor on the fur trade of 1811 as the primary trading post in the Northwest.

This seafaring vessel will set you back $180,000 a week to charter, but it's well worth it for prestige and glam factor. Featuring an interior design scheme by Donald Starkey, the ship's most impactful feature is the master berth which spreads the full width port to starboard on the main deck plus adjoining lounge study and main bathroom finished in honey grained marble.

Complete with a deck lounge that has a summerhouse feel, an expansive sun deck with sun loungers and al fresco dining area, BBQ fit for an Australian chef and spa. Lady M is fitted out to accommodate 10 guests comfortably plus a crew of 12, you might want to pick up the phone right now and book your passage.

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