Thursday, September 30, 2010

Undergoing renovations at the moment the famous silver balls are carefully protected from dust and debris. The Palais is a magnificent statement in architecture.

Get away from the busy Parisienne streets at Palais Royale, this restaurant is so tranquil.

The Shisheido shop window is an elaborate testimonial to Georgian and Victorian chic. Not an easy shot - but you get the picture.

At the large gallery on your stroll through what feels like cloisters at Palais Royale.

We have all been seeing birdcages in print, on handbags, mousemats and posters - here is a sweet display in another shop along Palais Royale.

Lush canvases in galleries display alongside unusual shops, yet all balance at this fabulous bijoux arcade of ateliers at Palais Royale.

A beautiful handmade kimono at the kimono shop.

I thought this window set up looked a little like my bexpert etsy shop banner design. This shop is also at the Palais Royale.

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