Friday, March 2, 2012

The floodgates are open

Hi Everyone

I must apologise for the two month or 9 week delay in submitting a blog post.

It's been all due to the fact I have been in full time work that required keen deadlines. I created a website and online shop dedicated to promoting Australian grown and produced delectable foods for a multi millionaire Australian icon.

I sweated to deadlines that required 250 products photographed, copywritten and mapped for an online general store, giving exposure to the dedicated providores of delicious homemade, homegrown, unique savoury and sweet products.

I undertook this job with every ounce of my being committed to a company and their rules. Only they didn't play by the rules, they didn't honour their job advertisement, they didn't honour their work contract and they didn't honour their word of giving me the opportunity to tell the world about this wonderful concept shop on television.

This work contract was demanding, meant being at work from 7.30am in the mornings to 6pm evenings - leaving my son in before and after school care and school more than 45 hours a week. He was on school premises longer than I was at work.

The online store was ready to open and I was given the heave ho! You might think that's life. Or get some ombudsman to look at the case. Quite frankly I didn't fancy going up against a multi millionaire icon in court just to get a job back. This person it still trying to get his bread buttered with a prototype spread. Well that just about says it all. I have never met a more disorganised, unprepared and inept team than his.

In the meantime, I have undertaken a new venture where I've decided to create a product that is both desirable and necessary. Its still currently in the pipeline and will shortly be debuting in my shop, on my blog and website.

So I hope to see you all soon and thanks for bearing with me.

Any comments from you about your job loss would be appreciated.

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