Monday, July 25, 2011

The Daily Buzz

On 14th July, my birthday and Bastille Day, what a great day!! I was delighted to find an article in  the Daily Buzz called Alphabet Soup featuring my Childrens Alphabets. A. Earl's alphabet you can personalize and K the Vintage alphabet poster are to be found at made it and also my own online store empressionista

And today I wanted to thank Simone for this inclusion only to find that another of my prints was up in the Daily Buzz here:

My bus roll style number pennants are also in my bexpert etsy shop if you'd like to view the collection. I just love the nautical search lamps from Matt Blatt.

I've just discovered Polyvore where you can be your own magazine editor and grab fab clothes off the racks of many design houses, place them in your collective sets and keep them in a stylish montage. I just adore this and have been busy this weekend surfing the salubrious design houses across the globe just getting my style perfected. It's all on the wishlist.

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