Monday, May 30, 2011

Paper Planes

I feel like I've been away too long so all those who have been viewing the blog welcome to some new posts. Now the picture below is not meant to make you think about keeping your body in trim, nor that we have such a warm climate that we are bikini clad, in fact right now it's thundering outside complete with lightening, hail and plenty of rain. So much so that the run off from the ridge across the road is a roaring torrent.

Had a lovely surprise the other day with this beaut' article in Mens Style Magazine Australia which included a column on my prints. So a big thanks to the team at Mens Style who made this possible.

My next endeavour will be to create some posters featuring planes, the vintage style ones like my uncle used to fly with two wings.

We shall see how that goes in the next installment.

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