Saturday, October 16, 2010


It is possible to take a tour through the sumptuous theatre, up grand staircases and great apartments at L'Opera with a company called Purple Beam. It is definitely worth visiting the venerable institution as it is such a magnificent palace.

The statues on the roof are gold leaf and glimmer even in the dimmest of light on a grey clouded day. They are what makes Paris, Paris.

Currently undergoing restoration, it is one of the only buildings in Paris where Napoleon was able to ride up in his carriage to the side entrance completely under cover, so as not to get wet nor mingle with onlookers, he could go straight in close to curtain up for any performance.
Lavishly garnered in majestic columns, statues and galeries a style typical of Des Beaux-Art L'Opera was formerly known as Academie Nationale de Musique.

L'Opera was a feat of engineering on a difficult site, and it is a triumphant monument to architecture. Built between 1857 and 1874 by Charles Garnier its neo baroque style stands central to Avenue de L'Opera, flanked on either sides by Boulevard de la Madeleine and Boulevard des Italienne (left and right) and at the back Boulevard Haussmann.
If you every want inspiration for what to wear and how to wear it, just glance around you on the streets of Paris. On Ave. de L'Opera Bud was taken by the beauty of her legs, I do agree, wish I had pins like that. I love the jacket and handbag, Parisienne women just have so much panache.

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